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In the vibrant tapestry of community events, BlackCentral stands out as a beacon, highlighting the rich cultural heritage and entrepreneurial spirit within the black community. From the pulsating rhythms of reggae events to the commemorative gatherings on Guyana Independence Day, we at BlackCentral think we offer a platform where the essence of community and celebration is shared and cherished.

Delving deeper than the event listings, one finds a narrative of resilience and unity. The events are more than just dates on a calendar; they represent the heartbeat of our community that thrives on collaboration and mutual support. Each events, whether it’s a rare groove evening with DJ Legs or the Clash of the Titans sound system showdown, is a testament to the enduring strength and creativity of black-owned businesses and artists.

Just simply submit your event to BlackCentral for it to be promoted. Lots of people check out Blackcentral every day for events like yours. Our goal is to provide these visitors with as many useful events, clubs, and community events as possible on BlackCentral, including activities, venues, and events. If you’re arranging an event that would be relevant to both locals and visitors considering going out in the city, make sure it’s listed on our website.

BlackCentral Looks Beyond the Festivities 

BlackCentral serves as a directory for black-owned businesses, shining a light on the diverse range of services and products available. From the tantalizing flavours of Caribbean cuisine to the innovative solutions offered by local entrepreneurs, ou platform is a celebration of black excellence and hopefully a resource for economic empowerment.

As we look to the future, the role of our platforms at BlackCentral becomes increasingly significant. They not only preserve the cultural heritage but also foster economic growth and innovation within the black community. By supporting these events and businesses that we list, we contribute to a legacy of prosperity that will resonate for generations to come.

Make sure you promote your event here, as this is where your potential customers (party animals, partygoers, or revellers) will be looking for an event like yours.

To be considered for inclusion, simply fill out the form “here” with information about your event. Please remember that your listing will only be accepted if it has something to do with BlackCentral’s terms found “here” and, more specifically, with the particular interests of our People of Colour.

Commonly Asked Questions:

How can I submit my event to BlackCentral?
To submit your event, visit the BlackCentral top menu bar and navigate to the ‘Submit Your Events‘ section. Fill in the required details about your event and ensure you provide a comprehensive description to attract attendees.
What types of events can be listed?
BlackCentral welcomes a variety of events, including cultural celebrations, music concerts, business expos, and community gatherings. The key is that they celebrate or support the black community.
Is there a cost associated with listing an event?
Currently listings are FREE. For the most accurate information regarding event listing, please refer to our BlackCentral homepage menu.
How can I support black-owned businesses listed on BlackCentral?
You can support these businesses by attending events, purchasing their products or services, and spreading the word within your network. Every bit of support helps in fostering a thriving community.
Can I find events outside of London on BlackCentral?
Yes, BlackCentral lists events from various locations. Check ‘HERE‘ for the latest events in different cities and regions.

Conditions for Event Submission

  • To be approved onto the list, the event descriptions should be around 250 to 500 characters (optional, we could complete the listing for you).
  • Whatever posting that doesn’t provide an appealing headline or description, for any occasion, will be rejected or rewritten by us blackcentral.net.
  • For any event to be included, a minimum of 1 flyer/photo which perfectly fits the requirement should be provided.
  • More specifically, your event should be catered to our People of Colour.

We’d like to thank you for adding your event to our current calendar.

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London central

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