12 November 2022

Why I Was Shocked, No Black People In Theatre. Here’s Why.

Why Are Black People Missing From The Audience At Musical Theatre Performances?
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6 November 2022

Why is Pele So Important and Why is Pele Famous?

King of Football – Why is Pele Famous? Who doesn’t know the famous black football player ...
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19 January 2022

Breaking News: Frankie ‘Dancehall’ Paul 19 May 2017 Dead

Frankie Paul dancehall ruler dead or alive
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18 October 2021

Coronavirus UK: Nightclubs Closure Due To Outbreaks of Coronavirus?

As many large venues, music venues have now been pulled from happening a lot of artists are now...
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21 January 2021

A Popular Iconic London Nightclub Shut Down

The astounding news broke last Saturday morning that north London city council authorities deci...
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