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3 May 2024

The History of Jamaican Music & How It Influenced Reggae

Early Jamaican musicians that got their start in the 1920s and 1930s were mostly mento artists,...
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1 May 2024

Plantains Benefits: How to Pronounce ‘Plantains’ The Right Way!

Benefits of Plantains: How to pronounce ‘Plantains’ the right way Plantains or Plan...
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30 April 2024

Why is Pele So Important and Why is Pele Famous?

Undisputed King of Football – Why is Pele Famous? Who doesn’t know the famous black footb...
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9 April 2024

Revolutionary Famous Black People Black History Month

all the goodwill of the most tenacious and land marking famous Black People would not go unnoti...
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21 October 2023

Island Vibes Unleashed: Uncover Jamaica’s Ideal Season & Must-See Gems

Jamaica Beyond the Beaches: How to Find and Enjoy the Hidden Gems Do you dream of exploring the...
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2 July 2023

How Jamaicans Express Patriotism on Independence Day

When Did Jamaica Gain Independence? On August 6, 1962, Jamaica declared its independence from t...
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1 May 2023

Why Did The Bristol Bus Boycott Happen?

How Did Bristol Bus Boycott Start? The Windrush generation was a term used to describe the mass...
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31 March 2023

Is Your Rum Fake? Signs to Look Out for Fake Rum

The Best White Rum Advice You’ll Ever Get How Fake Is Your Rum? Fake alcohol is becoming ...
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