Is Your Rum Fake? Signs to Look Out for Fake Rum

Is Your Rum Fake? Signs to Look Out for Fake Rum

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How Fake Is Your Rum?

Fake alcohol is becoming an increasing problem in the UK and around the world. The sale of counterfeit rum can bring high profits to store owners who sadly are willing to partake in this fraudulent activity.

The Best Advice You Can Hear About White Rum

Counterfeit alcohol is a growing problem in the Black community we have recently discovered and it’s important to know how to protect yourself and your family from it. Fake alcohol can contain anything from dangerous chemicals to poisonous cleaning agents, which frequently includes additives like antifreeze, and can have devastating impacts on your health. You could become seriously ill from drinking just one or two glasses, and the long-term effects of fake booze can be even worse.

We want to make sure that consumers in the black community can identify and steer clear of possibly hazardous fake alcohol.

Fake Rum And The Health Hazards

You can get seriously ill and become intoxicated after one or two drinks if you purchase counterfeit alcohol because you have no way of knowing what ingredients it contains or how powerful it is. However, other kinds of substance that can be used to create fake alcoholic beverages, which may have more severe, harmful effects on your health, Alcohol-related liver disease (ARLD).

It can be hard to identify counterfeit alcohol when it has been fraudulently mislabelled from the original trademarked brand, but there are some tell-tale signs that you should watch out for. One of the biggest warning signs is its appearance. If the bottle looks odd or doesn’t have the right label on it or the label looks strange, there’s a good chance it’s fake. You should also be suspicious if the price is too good to be true. We want people to also be mindful of the price point, remember what your parents told you? If seems too good to be true it probably is.

Another important factor to consider is the taste. Don’t consume the alcohol if it tastes or smells bad. Counterfeit alcohol often has a strange taste that may indicate it’s not genuine. Pay attention to the smell as well. If the bottle smells funny, it’s likely not a good idea to drink it. Be especially wary of any alcohol that has a strong chemical smell. One of the best advice we also could give to you – Always do a neat taste test of the rum before you add any chaser to it.

It’s also important to make sure the bottle has a correct and intact cap. Fake alcohol can be opened and re-sealed, so if the cap looks tampered with, it could be dangerous. Make sure the cap is correctly closed; if it isn’t, don’t drink it because it may have been tampered with.

In addition to being aware of the signs of counterfeit alcohol, it’s also important to be aware of the long-term effects of fake booze. Fake alcohol can lead to serious issues such as Alcohol-related liver disease (ARLD), which can have a severe impact on your health.

Remember, the best way to stay safe is to buy alcohol from a verified source and to be aware of the signs of counterfeit alcohol. Don’t take any chances with your health. Being informed is the best way to protect yourself and your family from fake alcohol.

A new warning has been issued not to consume fake rum as a result of a local DJ who required medical care.

A well-known reggae DJ based in London recently detailed an alarming account of his experience with potentially dangerous fake white rum. This DJ from London provided a thorough verbal report of what transpired to him, which was shared on numerous WhatsApp groups. He claimed that after drinking potentially dangerous fake rum, I quote, “the next thing I woke up after a two-day coma, in the Royal London Hospital.” He allegedly stated, “by drinking Fake, White Rum” and he stated further “mixed with diesel.” The DJ also urges the rest of the black community to be completely informed about the sale of fake white rum. After drinking what was believed to be genuine well-known Jamaican white rum. The DJ fell into an unresponsive coma for two days finding his body wired-up to the machine, with his next waking up at the Royal London Hospital.

The DJ emphasised the importance of being completely informed about the sale of fake white rum and advocated for an increased awareness in the black community. Here at, we are deeply concerned about the DJ’s alarming experience and sincerely hope he is safe and well – as do we wish all of his friends he mentioned are falling ill with the same issue in which he had named in his WhatsApp story.

What Is The Most Faked Alcohol In UK?

According to trading standards, fake white rum, alongside vodka, whisky and wine, is one of the most commonly faked products. As we are in a world filled with counterfeiting, it is important to remain vigilant in ensuring you purchase genuine spirits.

This is why at, we would always urge you to carefully source your genuine Jamaican white rum from the major supermarkets.

Moreover, we are constantly striving to make sure our visitors obtain the genuine rum for the best drinking experience possible.

Fake White Rum: The Solution

In summary, we sympathise with the DJ’s reported experience and reiterate the message to purchase genuine white rum, especially from all good major supermarkets. We hope that by creating awareness and providing quality report, genuine rum at an affordable rate, those in search of a good drinking experience can trust

Especially around the holiday season, be careful and know what you’re consuming. The Christmas season is typically when many consumers “trade up.” In other words, people purchase more booze for gatherings, and New Year’s Eve is the busiest day of the year for sales at community off-licence.

Please drink rum responsibly.